4 days ago

…. another good one …. 1914 Tramp art frame w/ special carving …. “It’s a good one.”….

2 weeks ago

…. finally , cut to perfect 2 inch squares !!! (at Sammy’s pizza and Restaurant of Grand Rapids)

….world famous Glen’s …. (at Glen’s Army Navy Store)

1 month ago

…. sale in the city … (at Victor’s 1959 Cafe)

1 month ago

…. alway carry that roll of duct tape …. just happened to broke the window big time !!! (at Lake Harriet Rose Garden)

1 month ago

Selection on in the city. (at Linden Hills)

2 months ago

Holiday back yard Bon fire !! All need is lakeside and it would be top 5 !!! (at @ Marigold B&B)

…. Nothing better … (at Marigold B & B)

3 months ago

…. if only had a cold one to show off Hamm’s. …. born in the land of the sky blue waters…. Next shot will be filled …. As Dave says, eat too much, drink too much ….. (at @ Marigold B&B)

3 months ago

….. tastes just like chicken !!! ….. So start by rounding ing up the bird from the backyard coop. And that was all she wrote …. Top 5 chic dinner …. (at victoria B & B )

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